Tanning Before & After Care


In Preparation for Your Tan...

  • Exfoliate, shave and/or wax at least 8 hours prior to your appointment. It is most recommended to shower the night before, and not the day of your appointment. This is an important step and should not be skipped. Exfoliating your skin will prevent the tan from becoming patchy as it fades. Please note that it is important to use an exfoliator that DOES NOT contain any oils in it.  

  • DO NOT apply lotion or deodorant prior to your appointment.  Lotion creates a barrier that prevents the tan from developing. A lot of deodorants contain aluminum and if you wear one that does, the aluminum may react with the tanning product and turn your armpits a greenish color. 


What to Wear to Your Appointment?

Women may wear bathing suit, bra, panties, go topless, bottomless or completely nude if you don't want tan lines (whatever you're comfortable with). Men may wear boxers, shorts, or a bathing suit.

Certain materials may absorb the solution and stain such as satin, silks, as well as light colors on delicate fabrics.


After Your Tan...

  • Wait at least 1 hour before showering the extra solution off. The first shower should be with water ONLY. Showering with water will prevent from removing any tan prematurely.

  • After the first water-only shower, use a washcloth to wash yourself rather than a loofah. Loofahs will scrub the tan off.

  • During the first 8 hours you should avoid any activity that would cause you to sweat.

  • Moisturize!!  The more you moisturize your skin, the longer your tan will last, and the healthier your skin will look. Using a good moisturizer will extend the life of your tan for up to 3 days.