Xtreme Lashes® Pricing


Xtreme Lashes® Pricing

The duration times and prices listed below are based on our Level V Stylist. For lower prices, please check the availability for other level stylists on our online booking system, or simply call us for more information.


Full Set

1.5 hours


If you're new to eyelash extensions, or if your lashes are completely bare, this is the appointment you need to give your eyes a much fuller look. 90+ lashes will be applied onto each eye.

Half Set

1 hour


Lashes will be partially filled with extensions, with at least 45+ lashes on each eye.


Lash Fills

Lash fill needs vary from client to client. Our Level V Stylist recommends on average, one should schedule a lash fill every two weeks for 30 minutes to maintain a luscious set of 60+ lashes per eye. This is our most common client maintenance regimen, and our best deal for lash fills!

For clients who desire a fuller set with 90+ lashes per eye, one should schedule a lash fill every two weeks for a minimum of 45 minutes per appointment with our Level V Stylist.

Please remember to check on our online booking site or call us for lower prices.

15 Minute Fill


A short lash fill or "lash repair" appointment to provide clients with a quick fix to their current lash extensions. In the unfortunate situation that a section of lashes fell out or were badly tangled, a quick fill is the perfect solution.

30 Minute Fill


Our best offer for lash fills.

45 Minute Fill



60 Minute Fill



75 Minute Fill



90 Minute Fill