+ Why do I need microneedling?

Over the course of a lifetime, our skin is exposed to quite a lot of harmful things, and endures some fairly intense conditions. Throughout all we put our skin through, it's remarkable that our skin is as tough as it is. As we age, our bodies produce less and less collagen and elastin, but our scars and acne marks, wrinkles and lines stick around. With less collagen and elastin production, our skin begins to sag or wrinkle even more.

Women and men should consider micro-needling for an effective means of erasing wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, and other signs of wear or aging. The process of micro-needling kickstarts the production of both of our body's natural proteins again, alerting the skin to produce more of both, and allowing the skin to heal.

+ What can I expect during my microneedling appointment?

During an initial consultation, our skin care providers will determine whether micro-needling is the appropriate course of action to give you the best and safest results. From there, a treatment schedule will be determined based on your skin condition and desired goals. Some clients may be satisfied with the effects of a single round of the micro-needling treatment, while others will require a series of two to three treatments about six to eight weeks apart. Patients with severe scarring or deep wrinkles may require additional treatments.

Before the procedure begins, a hydrating gel is applied to the skin to ease the process and reduce discomfort. The Dermapen is applied to the skin in a gliding motion. Some patients have compared the sensation to the feeling of light sandpaper moving across the skin.

The micro-needling treatment service is composed of an all organic (Elina Organics) facial with a 40-minute intensive with the micro-needling Dermapen.

+ What should I expect after my microneedling appointment?

After a micro-needling procedure, clients can expect that the treated area will be red for the hours following the procedure. Often this lasts for 24 hours or less, but some patients experience this for two to four days, depending on the duration of the procedure. Micro-needling is a minimally invasive procedure, therefore patients can return to their normal routine immediately following treatment.

After the redness diminishes, most patients report an immediate glow with major improvements occurring over the following days and weeks. The results of a micro-needling procedure in Grand Rapids can continue to materialize for up to six months following the procedure as the skin continues to produce additional elastin and collagen.

Needle penetration opens the skin long enough for the introduction of Elina Organics treatment serums. Micro-needling opens the skin for a few minutes to allow a huge increase of corrective product to reach its deepest layer. Treatment serums can be selected for skin lightening, hydration, texture improvement and more.