We take great pride in our clients' reviews. We have found most of our success through the referrals from our clients to others, rather than through marketing.

Tara is the shit.
— Deb Brink
I am so in love with my lashes!!!!! Thank you beautiful and also thank you for the wonderful compliments and encouragement . You are my favorite. You truly are a master at your craft.
— Melinda
BBB Accreditation
As always, Tara is AMAZING!! Eyebrows & Eyelids looks so natural! Professional. Great studio. I can expect a wonderful experience by a very talented artist every service I get!!
— Janeen
Had permanent eyeliner done by Tara. Something permanent on your face is a huge decision. I was totally confident that Tara would do a great job. She has amazing insight! So glad I chose her. Loving my eyeliner already and wish I hadn’t waited so long!
— Lauryn
Great place, great attitude, always right the first time, awesome work and gives a ton of herself and revenue to local charity! Integrity speaks for itself, this is a place you actually WANT to do business with!
— Shanon
Just got my lash extensions and LOVE THEM!!! Making my life just easier and easier! Only foundation now and I’m out the door. Artistic Enhancements is amazing and the price is stellar!!!
— Emily