Xtreme Lashes® Before & After Care

To best prepare for your appointment, please keep in mind of the following:

To maximize your time with your lash artist, please arrive to your appointment with clean eyes and clean lashes. Clean your lashes gently, yet thoroughly, to remove any residual oils or mascara. Be sure that your eyes are free of all makeup including: foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara and any eye creams. A $10.00 makeup removal fee will be applied if the lash stylist is held responsible for the removal of any makeup before the application of lashes.

Before your initial appointment, please remember to avoid curling your eyelashes at least three days before your appointment. Curling your lashes will damage and potentially break the lashes, which will result in fewer natural lashes we can apply extensions onto. 

If you plan to have lash tinting or perming, please note that both of these procedures should be done 48 hours prior to your lash extensions appointment. 

If you plan to have airbrush tanning, it is recommended to wait at least three days after the application of your eyelash extensions to allow proper curing (drying) of the eyelash adhesive.



After care for your new Xtreme Lashes®:

Especially during the initial 48 hours with your new Xtreme Lashes®, please remember to avoid excessive exposure to water, heat, steam, sauna, and friction against the lashes.

Avoid the use of oil-based products around the eyelashes, along with waterproof cosmetic products on or near the lashes.

Do not apply any cosmetics or skin care products to your lashes or your eyelids.

In the mornings, be sure to comb your lashes in case of any possible tangling that may have occurred throughout your sleep.

For the best results with your Xtreme Lashes®, avoid the use of excessive mascara, refrain from the use of a mechanical eyelash curler, and don't forget to schedule your next lash fill!